My name is Adam Meltzer and the last thing I remember was being stung by a bee while swinging at a robot-shaped piñata on my twelfth birthday.

I was dead before the candy hit the ground.

That’s right, I’m dead. But I’m alive. It’s awkward, and sometimes gross – I am the walking dead. Talking too. And now, I suppose, the blogging dead. I’m a zombie and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Apparently, there was a funeral, which I don’t remember, and then a really dark grave, which I do.

I climbed through six feet of disgusting dirt. I don’t like dirt. I don’t like mess. Of any kind. The school counsellor calls it ‘early onset’ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I say that when it comes to germs, it’s better to catch them too early than too late.

I live in a bizarro town called Croxton with one stupid sister and two over-protective parents. And now that I’m back from the dead, I investigate the paranormal and the unnatural all around us. And believe me when I tell you, there’s a whole lot of both going on.

Welcome to my world.